Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FREE Jack Johnson Download & Yogurt Coupons

I just love Jack Johnson.  I could watch the Curious George movie over and over (wait a minute, I already do ~ seeing as my kids are George crazy!), anyway it makes it more enjoyable since it has Jack Johnson's music in it.  Jack will be giving Stoneyfield a previously unreleased song for yogurt lovers to download for free. Keep an eye on Stoneyfield's  Facebook page for upcoming details.  

Also check out Stoneyfield for coupons, they have lots of $0.50/1 Yogurt Coupons.  If you have kids try the Yokids Squeezers Organic Yogurt Tubes (we like strawberry ~ yum).  Put them in the freezer and when your kids wants a snack, they will think they are getting an ice cream treat.  And you can give them a healthy treat you can feel good about!  (You will have to register to get coupons, if your store dbls that $1/1)

Why Organic? ~ Check out this info

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