Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wine at Publix for only $1.49/bottle!

Ok, am I the only one super excited about wine for only $1.49/bottle?!  This week at Publix you can get Turning Leaf, Black Swan, or Redwood Creek 750-ml bottle for $4.49each.  Buy 6 bottles, send in the rebate and get $18.00 back, that makes each bottle only $1.49 ~ I gotta say sizzle!
1 bottle ~ pay $4.49 rebate $2.00 = $2.49/bottle
2 bottles ~ pay $8.98 rebate $5.00 = $1.99/bottle
6 bottles ~ pay 26.94 rebate $18.00 = $1.49/bottle

Make this deal sizzle some more ~ if your Publix considers Rite-Aid a competitor use the $5 off $25 here, then you only pay $0.66/bottle!!!  

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