Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Dollar Coupons

Here's a few coupons that where in my news paper this morning! They are some good qs (expire 05/09) and you can use them at Publix!!

$1.00 Coke 2 liter 
$0.50/1 Hawian Punch 1 gal. assorted flavors 
$1.00/1 Lay's Wavy or Classic Potato Chips assorted varieties
$1.00/2 Old ElPaso products
    pair with Publix BOGO and you get a better deal
$1.00/1 Mr. Clean sponge mop
$1.00/1 Clorox 2x Stain Fighter and Color Booster  24 loads or powder 15 loads
$0.40/1 Clorox Bleach 96-182 oz
$0.50/1 Lysol Disinfectant Spray 12.5 oz

Want to see more? Go here to print these and more qs!

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