Saturday, April 3, 2010

Michelle's Trip to Publix

I did pretty good this week considering my 2 yr old was very cranky. Make sure you really watch your checkout person. She didn't take a big coupon off and I had to go back in there. Usually I don't do things like that but it was $10.00.

OOP $61.80
(minus $10.00 she forgot)
Real OOP $51.80

Total Savings $110.90

What a great shopping trip!!


  1. You did an excellent job at Publix. I just LOVE them! I would shop there for everything if I could. I have had great customer service with them too. You having to go back in on that $10 coupon was a good example of how easy to work with they are.

  2. Thanks! You are right they do have the best customer service. They make it so easy to be the best place to shop! I would rather shop there than any grocery store! Thanks for the comment!