Friday, June 4, 2010

My Time To Double Up

Here it is, for my most recent trip I kicked tail again this week. I stocked up on alot of things we really needed. Of course my hubby requested some things that where not on sale, but thankfully I did have coupon's for them.  I did my shopping at 2 grocery stores this week, Publix and the overwhelming Sams Superstore (to stock up on meat). I am trying to buy all of my meat from Sams to save boatloads money. I got 2 months worth of meat for $96.42 (plus a watermelon, strawberries and granola bars). I didn't take a pic of the Sams trip but I did pretty good. Maybe try it sometimes, it can really blow the savings off the map.

Here's how I did:

OOP: $96.43

OOP: $37.87
SAVED: $73.03

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  1. Hello! I am coming in from New Friend Friday. This is a great blog you have here, very helpful and resourceful!!