Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have You Joined Swagbucks!

I keep seeing all this information about Swagbucks and how people are earning points for searching on the internet and never really thought much of it. Then last week, I went over to Swagbucks and started doing a little research. I found that you REALLY do earn FREE Stuff just by searching the internet! Once you join Swagbucks you get a cool new toolbar on your computer (just like you're Google, etc one) and when you want to search for something you just type it in there and "tada" you earn your points for FREE stuff. I've only been using it for less than a week and I already have almost 200points. For 140 Swagbucks (SB) I can get a $5 Red Envelope e-gift card and once I have 450 points I can get a $5 Amazon gift card. You can even save up your points and get other prizes like clothing, toys, books, etc. and you can even Plant A Tree for 150 SB ~ great thing to do for Earth Day. So click here on swagbucks and start earning points.
Check back on FRIDAY for MegaSwagsbuck Day!  Where you can earn lots of points!  This is so much fun!!


  1. I've been "swagging" for a couple of months now and have 5-$5 Amazon e-gift cards. It's great and they really do deliver the items you "purchase" with your points/SwagBucks. Lovin' it!

  2. It's wonderful to hear from someone who has been swagging for a while and for everyone to see that you really do get the rewards! Thanks so much for your comment. Keep Swagging!!